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Growers, Landscapers, Garden Centers, Florist,  Seed Companies,
Vegetable Transplants, Cut Flowers and Suppliers

HortConnect is the online marketing service for the horticulture industry.

HortConnect provides sales and marketing services for the horticulture industry that fosters networking with growers, landscapers, garden centers, florists, cut flowers specialists, tropicals and vegetable transplants - and the suppliers that support this industry around the world.
By building relationships with the international members, the horticulture industry is strengthened, creating new ideas, new products and the sharing of knowledge - bringing everyone together in one place.

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We built our companies to help grow the horticulture industry.

Grow your business by using our services.

  • Contact List

    Create the ultimate contact list of growers, suppliers and retailers. Build your network and create new relationships.

  • Availability Management

    Upload, modify, add items, process orders all from one site. Easier, faster, save time and money.

  • Sell More Products

    Exposing your products to new buyers will help you sell more products. Making purchasing easier and creating repeat customers.

  • Order Management

    See all your orders in one place, sort by day, by week, by buyer or by plant. Edit your inventory quantities all from one easy form.

  • Order History

    Keep all your orders on one site, maintain your order history by week, by vendor or by plant.

  • Bookings

    Place your bookings on-line for easy management. Then you can sort by week, by plant or by vendor.

  • New Products

    Browse the sites, find new products from new suppliers, increase your customer base offering new items.

  • Save Time and Money

    Using our Ultimate Plant List, buyers and sellers save time. Time is money, and finding the right products can increase your sells.

  • Group Discussions

    Get advice from the professionals. Offer advice for your customers, make yourself the expert in the field.

  • Blog

    Always wanted to write a Blog and tell the world what you think you know? Here is your chance!

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